June 2017

It has been an amazing year! To celebrate the beginning of the autumn term, we have decided to highlight your favourite designs this year.

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Chester Moon Sofa by Baxter

The Chester Moon sofa was born from a reinterpretation of a classical model. It’s incredible how this project is able to sum up the importance of the shape balance, still keeping its own simplicity despite the complexity of the techniques that characterise its manufacturing. It draws inspiration from the past for what concerns the history of the handicraft techniques that are necessary for its development and it ties up the new century for its simple and neat lines.

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Nepal Chair by Baxter

The Nepal little armchair presents itself with a modern design. It stands out for the particular upholstery in Mongolian wool, which gives it an original and exuberant aspect. Characterised by a simple and essential structure, all attention is therefore focused on the seating and backrest upholstery. Thanks to this feature, it’s particularly suitable for modern and dynamical ambiences.

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Yves Dressing Table by Baxter

The Yves dressing table has been made from extremely precious materials including oxidised brass, lacquer and rare woods, such as Indian rosewood. It is also characterised by their small size, turning them into jewel-like personal items, designed with soft and fluid lines. The supporting structures are made from oxidised brass. The Yves collection has been inspired by early twentieth-century furniture; despite this, it maintains a resolutely contemporary and modern feel in the way it reveals the personal luxury of owning and using these pieces, some of which were made by highly skilled craftsmen, the true symbol of Italian quality, using  manual skills still valued today.

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Liquid Side Table by Baxter

The Liquid side table top is decorated by hand with resin smeared in nuance in line with the artist’s creativity and lacquered. The surfaces are created by hand as “pictures”; each item will, therefore, be different and unique. The designer has chosen to develop the potential of resin through strong pictorial expression. His application to epoxy resins and pigments to walls, furniture and design items has produced unexpected transformations that have given us unique pieces that create a fascinating and stylistically successful union.

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Colette Chair by Baxter

Colette chair by Baxter comes also in the small armchair version, marked by a lower and a more wrapping backrest. It is available in several colors and coverings. Colette chair comes with a cozy look. It stands out for its comfortable polyurethane padded seat. The soft and essential lines make it stylish and elegant. The chair is suitable to classic and refined settings.

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Loren Side Table by Baxter

The Loren side table by Baxter comes in several sizes and shapes. It can have a rounded or square shape; it is marked by its rigorous and formal lines. The low table sits right on the floor assuming a key role in the room furnishing. It is suitable to modern and refined settings. The Loren side table comes as a necessary piece to enhance the room.

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Ivette bed by Opera

This stunning Ivette bed is one of our favourites and shows Opera’s attention to detailing, and brave proportions to offer the client something new.

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Anna Casa Interiors Candles

Introducing our range of Accessories

We are always sourcing new and exclusive accessories to give your home that special touch.

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Mio Special Edition Sofa by Baxter

Bespoke Wardrobe

This bespoke wardrobe system can be completely customised to your space with a huge range of finishes and storage solutions available. The patterned panelling comes in many different designs.

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Rodolfo Sofa by Creazioni

The Rodolfo sofa is strikingly simple yet typical of Creazioni’s bold approach to design. No limit is given to fantasy: furniture pieces are elevated into living works of art and become touch of personality even in the most contemporary settings.

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Truly the height of glamour, with the most exquisite finishes and materials, Visionniare is for the client looking for something extra special.

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AVF Accessories

AVF Accessories

Designed by Alexandra Von Furstenberg, our new accessories brand features innovative acrylic accessories for the home in bright neon colours. We are now showing her amazing trays, bowls and vases in the showroom.

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